Cancer: Round Two

This is how things change.

On Tuesday, April 9 we celebrate DH’s (darling husband’s) birthday with an extravagant dinner with friends at our favorite restaurant. We make happy noises about the food and pass around bites so rich it is absurd to even contemplate their arterial impact. We simply go with the moment and . . . → Read More: Cancer: Round Two

Disaster Drill

Photo Credit: Los Angeles Times

None of us can “prepare” ourselves for a disaster on the scale of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami of March 11th, 2011 and the subsequent nuclear reactor failure. This would equate to imagining your current life – the streets where you walk, the neighborhoods where you . . . → Read More: Disaster Drill

#BCSM, Cancer Advocacy and Education in the Virtual World

The advent of Web 2.0 changed almost everything – yet absolutely nothing – about the cancer experience.

What hasn’t changed is the near universal shock, dismay and fear that most women experience when they first hear, “your tumor was malignant.” What hasn’t changed is the long journey through treatment, which can range from multiple surgeries . . . → Read More: #BCSM, Cancer Advocacy and Education in the Virtual World

Redefining Pink

Since the end of September everything you see — from buses to billboards to Monday Night football to the grocery store — shimmers in pink. You can “support breast cancer research” (so it is said) by purchasing everything imaginable and a multitude of the unimaginable as well. Every year it gets worse. Google Breast Cancer . . . → Read More: “Redefining Pink”