Call for Contributors - By Your Side: Being a Caregiver for Someone with Breast Cancer

For many decades, a rosy and trivializing vision of breast cancer dominated public discourse. Described almost as a rite of passage, a breast cancer diagnosis seemed to invite the afflicted to smile, to rise above the disease. This superficial mandate, still ubiquitous in many circles, bolstered an upbeat message about how to deal with breast cancer and silenced the dissonant voices of those, mostly women, who face the disease and its aftermath every day. The 2014 Special Issue of the Breast Cancer Consortium QuarterlyDemystifying Breast Cancer— shared some of these rebellious voices, from the United States to Belgium, Israel, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

The 2015 Special Issue of the Breast Cancer Consortium Quarterly will share the voices of caregivers, those who love and live with the diagnosed. Partners and children, siblings and parents, friends and colleagues all carry their own burdens when dealing with someone’s cancer. The difficulty, grief, and suffering that are part of caregiving are, with rare exceptions, absent from narratives of the disease. Edited by BCC partners Grazia De Michele and Cinzia Greco, “By Your Side: Being a Caregiver for Someone with Breast Cancer” will highlight the stories of those who have seen their own lives change when someone they care about is diagnosed with breast cancer.

If you would like to submit your story for consideration, please send a brief summary (< 250 words) to by August 31, 2015. [Deadline has been extended from July 31, 2015.] You may also submit a photo story or video. [We can currently accommodate stories in French, German, Italian, and Spanish.]

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