Did Backlash Prompt Komen’s Cancellations?

“Did Backlash Prompt Komen’s Cancellations?” By Winston Ross, The Daily Beast.

Lisa Bonchek Adams hopped off the Komen “bandwagon” years ago, long before the charity that puts on “Race For The Cure” events all over the world threatened to yank its funding for Planned Parenthood. Adams was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006, and in the two years that followed she estimates she raised more than $20,000 in fundraising and events sponsored by the Dallas-based Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Adams believes these cancellations are long overdue for Komen, which appears to now be feeling the repercussions of last year’s Planned Parenthood controversy. That’s because the controversy prompted people to start asking other questions. For people like Adams, though, nothing the organization can do will bring her back. “I don’t even wear pink anymore,” she said. “It just turns my stomach.”

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