“How to Move Your Nonprofit Brand Forward Without Alienating Your Base.” By Matthew Zachary, Huffington Post

A key component of healthy growth for any nonprofit is also developing strategic partnerships with major corporations, while at the same time staying grounded with core audiences who value grassroots efforts. As nonprofits, we seek a diversified and balanced portfolio, so that if one revenue stream should wane, the others are strong enough to pick up the slack. But we must be careful from whom and where we might accept corporate contributions as we were reminded after the public outrage caused by Susan G. Komen For The Cure and Planned Parenthood and the recent Lance Armstrong’s scandal. Likewise, corporate contributions can fetter out on a whim due to unforeseen circumstances like scandal and free market impulses. The one thing that people can depend on is how the mission [of the i’m too young for this! foundation] that first launched in 2007  has never veered off course, nor has the charter, the vision or the promise to change the world “one chemo infusion at a time.”

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