The Chatter About Jolie

My bloggy friends have really hit some important notes about Angelina Jolie’s prophylactic bilateral mastectomies, a decision she made public in a recent editorial in the New York Times.

Jackie called out those who were judging her decision.

Marie wrote a good explainer about the BRCA gene and why its presence . . . → Read More: The Chatter About Jolie

Rights or Rhetoric? Breast Reconstruction Awareness

I get public relations pitches every day about the latest breast cancer fill-in-the-blank. I usually delete them as soon as they come in, but last week I lingered on one longer than usual. The pitch said that Dr. Allen Gabriel and The Pink Lemonade Project, along with Alaska Airlines and Starbucks, were inviting me to . . . → Read More: Rights or Rhetoric? Breast Reconstruction Awareness