The Risk-Benefit Calculation of Mammograms

“The Risk-Benefit Calculation of Mammograms.” By Christie Aschwanden, Slate

Last week on Slate, physician Meri Kolbrener lamented that she didn’t have a good way to explain the latest evidence on mammography to her patients. When patients ask her if they should get a mammogram, Kolbrener’s answer is, “I don’t know.” Kolbrener is correct that the . . . → Read More: The Risk-Benefit Calculation of Mammograms

“A real cancer hero”

“A real cancer hero.” By Christie Aschwanden, The Last Word On Nothing

This month marks six years since Karen Hornbostel died. I’ve been thinking of her this week as the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency released 1,000 pages of evidence showing a vast doping conspiracy by Lance Armstrong and his entourage. The affidavits, emails, bank records and . . . → Read More: “A real cancer hero”