More Money Won’t Win the War on Cancer

“More Money Won’t Win the War on Cancer.” By Jacoba Urist, The Atlantic.

A broken grant structure, turf wars, and an exodus of scientists for other professions are bigger barriers to progress than a lack of funding.

Forty-two years after President Nixon signed the National Cancer Act and declared the “war on cancer,” it’s virtually . . . → Read More: More Money Won’t Win the War on Cancer

Do Clinical Trials Work?

“Do Clinical Trials Work?” The New York Times on Jul. 13, 2013.

EVERY spring, some 30,000 oncologists, medical researchers and marketers gather in an American city to showcase the latest advances in cancer treatment. But at the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology last month, much of the buzz surrounded a study . . . → Read More: Do Clinical Trials Work?