Lance Armstrong, Susan Komen, and Me

A WELL-MEANING PERSON ASKS: “So, have you found life to be more meaningful now that you are a survivor?”

I’ve been asked variations of this question ever since I finished treatment for breast cancer, and my answer has always been some version of the word NO, sometimes with colorful verbiage added to emphasize my . . . → Read More: Lance Armstrong, Susan Komen, and Me

“A real cancer hero”

“A real cancer hero.” By Christie Aschwanden, The Last Word On Nothing

This month marks six years since Karen Hornbostel died. I’ve been thinking of her this week as the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency released 1,000 pages of evidence showing a vast doping conspiracy by Lance Armstrong and his entourage. The affidavits, emails, bank records and . . . → Read More: “A real cancer hero”