“A Conversation with Dr. Patricia Steeg on Redesigning Clinical Trials to Test Therapies that Could Prevent Cancer Metastasis” National Cancer Institute Cancer Bulletin

In a perspective published May 30 in Nature, Dr. Patricia Steeg argues that the current system for clinical trials must be redesigned if there is to be a decline in breast cancer metastasis, which is the leading cause of death from the disease. Dr. Steeg, who heads the Women’s Cancers Section in NCI’s Laboratory of Molecular Pharmacology, recently spoke with the NCI Cancer Bulletin about the challenges in developing treatments that prevent metastasis and her proposal for a new clinical trial design to test such therapies.

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Original Article: Steeg, Patricia S. “Perspective: The right trials.” Nature 485, S58–S59 (31 May 2012) doi:10.1038/485S58a Published online 30 May 2012

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