“A yellow flag for the NFL.” By Maura Kelly, New York Daily News

The NFL has turned pink again this October, for the fourth year in a row. In nominal support of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, players, coaches and referees have been wearing pink apparel; giant pink-ribbon stencils adorn the fields and special pink-ribbon balls are even being used. It’s hard to take this over-the-top effort seriously, however, given that the NFL sure doesn’t have a reputation for being terribly concerned about women — or their bodies. Just take the number of players who have been charged in sexual assault cases over the years. As the former CEO of the Women’s Sports Foundation, Donna Lopiano, told the Daily News after the Favre incident, “The corporate world is 25 years ahead of sports. Sports organizations still tolerate major athletes acting like little boys.” It’s funny, too, that a league that doesn’t seem to care much about the physical well-being of its own guys would put on such a big show about women’s health.

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