Breast Cancer and Feminism

Report Cover ImageCaterina Riba, Gerard Coll-Planas, and Ana Porroche-Escudero had been working on breast cancer for a number of years and knew of critical work being done in the country. But they realized that activists, artists, academics, practitioners, and the public were rarely aware of each other’s work. Differences in disciplinary focus, geographic location, lack of time, funding, or ‘expertise’ were all barriers to information sharing. To fill the gap, they co-edited volume on “Breast Cancer and Feminism” – written in Catalan, a minority language in Spain that will be published by Capsa de Pandora based at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Gender Studies, University of Vic –Central University of Catalonia (UVIc-UCC) in January, 2016.

Then on April 9th, they convened an international symposium of feminist health professionals, social scientists, humanists, communications experts, activists, and people living with breast cancer at the venue Francesca Bonnemaison in Barcelona, Spain to examine the social context of breast cancer in the country.

Read the full report » (PDF)

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