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Redwoods“Demystifying Breast Cancer” – Breast Cancer Consortium Special Issue

“We aim to reconnect breast cancer with the real world, showing that it is not just possible, but necessary to resist dominant discourses. Combining writing and visual art, these stories speak a different language, a language of reality and freedom, a language that is, itself, a subversive act.“

– Grazia de Michele and Cinzia Greco

The compendium – “Demystifying Breast Cancer” – edited by Grazia de Michele and Cinzia Greco, is an international collection of original and compelling essays intended to bust myths, resist stereotypes, and unveil how social dynamics impact the experience of breast cancer. It began with a call for 500-word proposals by December 21, 2013. The stories they collected and edited reflect the lived experiences of women diagnosed with breast cancer in different parts of the world, from the United States to Belgium, Israel, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, belonging to different social classes and ethnic backgrounds, and with different sexual orientations.

BCC released this special issue on October 13th, 2014 to honor Metastatic (stage 4) Breast Cancer Awareness Day. Read More or Download (PDF) »

For more information, you may contact the special editors at

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Cinzia Greco, PhD Candidate

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Grazia De Michele, PhD

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