“Questions Roses” (Pink Questions)

The Paris-based organization “Au sein de sa différence” (ASDSD) celebrates difference and takes a pedagogical approach to patient empowerment, activism, and awareness.

For October 2012 ASDSD developed a communications campaign to spur discussion of pink ribbon culture in France. The campaign has a booklet entitled, “Questions Roses” (Pink Questions) and includes an analysis and conversation between the french senologist-oncologist Dr. Dominique Gros and Breast Cancer Consortium founder U.S. social science researcher, Gayle Sulik PhD.

Dr. Gros asked Gayle Sulik the following questions:

Gayle Sulik then asked Dr. Gros:

“What role should the medical community play in a) advocacy, b) shaping public perceptions of breast cancer, and c) confronting the use of the Cause for commercial – rather than public health – purposes?”

Dr. Gros’s answer is currently being translated into English.

“Questions Roses” was distributed to cancer centers in Paris. ASDSD also released a video interview with Dr. Dominique Gros in Strasbourg, France.

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