Avoiding the Breast Cancer ‘Warrior’ Trap

“Avoiding the Breast Cancer ‘Warrior’ Trap.” By Peter Bach, The Cut.

Doctor and widow Peter Bach takes aim at the spectacle surrounding Amy Robach’s public breast cancer story.

“A few months ago, I was at a lunchtime fund-raiser for Gilda’s Club, a support organization for those living with cancer, when I heard Good Morning America‘s news anchor Amy Robach describe her own recent brush with breast cancer. It’s a story she’s rolled out in television interviews and in talks like this one, and it’s a story about cancer that is both wrong and hurtful. I should know. I’m a doctor at a cancer hospital, so I’ve taken care of many patients who have breast cancer. I run a group that does health-care-policy work, so I know how patients with cancer get treated. I have led cancer guideline panels and advised organizations that set the standards for cancer screening and overall care. And my wife died of breast cancer a few years ago.

Robach was off track right from the start. A mammogram saved her life, she told us. But that is not something she could possibly know.”

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Read more about the Robach celebrity story, the mythology behind screening mammograms, and why there are strong concerns about the role of screening in breast cancer.

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