A big thank-you to a community that rallied

“A big thank-you to a community that rallied” by Michelle Winchenbach, Penobscot Bay Pilot.

This has turned into quite the journey I never would have expected for my life.  I have two young daughters who look to me for strength and guidance; how can I break down and give up, but expect them to believe everything will be alright, especially when I don’t know if it will be.

My husband is a commercial scallop fisherman who is away 60 percent or more of the year. It takes a lot to raise two children (especially in today’s society), make sure bills are paid and the household is running smoothly, plus do all of the outdoor yard work and such, essentially all alone. But that’s all stuff that I did whether he was home or not…it just needed to be done.

So many wonderful people have written to me, or reached out to me, and told me that they felt I was a strong person and a brave person for what I am going through. Neither of which have I ever really thought of myself being. Strong, maybe at times. But, brave? No, I still can barely deal with a spider in the house, and I will NOT ride the carnival rides at the fairs. THAT. That is brave, or stupid. The jury’s still out.

Ambrose Redmoon said, “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important.” Cancer has taught me that the only things that need to be done are the things that keep you sane, happy and most importantly, alive.

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