What Does Breast Cancer Awareness Month Mean To You?

“What Does Breast Cancer Awareness Month Mean To You?” By Lara Huffman, Get Up Swinging Blog.

Editorial Note: Lara Huffman used to raise money for the Komen organization, participate in races, walk the miles, even purchase pink products. She did this to honor her mother who had died from metastatic breast cancer and because she thought important change was afoot. After receiving her own diagnosis at a young age, she developed a different perspective. Lara no longer views the pink ribbon as a positive symbol but one of failure, as companies profit from the disease while both prevention and cure(s) remain elusive. Recently, Lara asked others what they thought of “breast cancer awareness.” She got some candid responses.

Before we all know it, Pinktober is going to rear its ugly head and everywhere you look will be pink ribbons. I wanted to ask other folks with cancer, any cancer, the question: “What does Breast Cancer Awareness Month mean to you?” The responses mostly came from other women who have had breast cancer since that’s the disease I have, but there are responses from others who have undergone treatment for cancers other than breast.

Lara catalogs responses from those who have metastatic breast cancer; those who had breast cancer; and people who had cancer, but not breast cancer.

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