“Cancer connected to glucose and microenvironments?” By Kathleen Hoffman, Medivizor.

Why does nature repeat the same forms over and over again? This is a question that has driven Dr. Mina Bissell‘s cancer research.

In a 2012  TED talk, Dr. Bissell spent 17 minutes summarizing decades of research–asking and answering unique questions that are toppling and evolving our understanding of cancer.

Her talk begins with a lesson in developmental genetics, in which she then explains how the microenvironment (the spaces surrounding cells) tell both cancer genes and cancer cells what to do. This finding led to research on the microenvironment of human breast tissue.

Her research team then found that changing cancer cells’ microenvironments back to that of normal cells would also turn the cancer cells back into normal cells. When exposed to too much glucose, Bissell found that organized breast tissue was more likely to become disorganized, which signaled cancer genes to become active. Unregulated, cancerous growth occurred. Dr. Bissell’s recent research seems to indicate that reductions in sugar intake may be instrumental in changing the microenvironment of your cells.

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