Caution: Kitty Litter, Prescription Drugs and Dense Breasts?

“Caution: Kitty Litter, Prescription Drugs and Dense Breasts?” by Nancy M. Cappello, The Huffington Post.

The evidence of the lack of sensitivity of mammography for women with dense breast tissue has been accumulating since the early days of the technology. Research for two decades conclude that mammography misses roughly every other cancer in dense breasts. Currently, no national standard or warning exist to educate the consumer about the impact of dense breasts on mammography’s accuracy as a screening test for breast cancer.

I’ve been a consumer of mammography since my initial screening exam before the age of 40 and continue to have my yearly mammographic screening as my initial screening test. Weeks before my advanced-stage cancer was detected; I received my ‘normal’ mammography results. After a palpable ridge was discovered six weeks later during an annual exam, the ridge was invisible on the mammogram but illuminated on the ultrasound. The pathology report revealed that my quarter-size cancer had metastasized to 13 lymph nodes — a normal mammogram weeks before?

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