“Critics detect hype in ‘Bra Detects Breast Cancer’ news.” by Gary Schwitzer, Health News Review

At one point, the Boston Globe’s website splashed the breast-cancer-bra news on its home page. In a story devoid of vital details, the feeble attempt to explain anything fell far short. “The bra has been tested for sensitivity and accuracy in three clinical trials involving 650 subjects,” the story gushed.  Only problem:  it didn’t tell readers what the “sensitivity and accuracy” was. In another story that read more like an ad than an independently-vetted journalistic gem, CBS reported, “Bra aims to detect breast cancer before mammogram.” But the Globe and CBS weren’t alone in hyping an unproven and unapproved product.  Look at the myriad search results of stories about this PR announcement.

And on and on and on…all the stories conveniently using the company’s handout pictures and/or videos.

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