Dear Ms. Robach

“Dear Ms. Robach.” By Lori Marx-Rubiner, Regrounding Blog.

Editorial Note: President of METAvivor Research and Support Lori Marx-Rubiner writes an open letter to Good Morning America’s news anchor Amy Robach on mammography, overtreatment, “fighting” cancer, and metastatic breast cancer — in other words, the other side of breast cancer.

“Dear Ms. Robach,

What a journey you have had recently… It ends up we have quite a bit in common…. It seems we have some differences as well… I urge you, as a woman, as a survivor and as a journalist, to look deeper than the hype. You have an incredible platform with opportunities that individuals living with the disease rarely have. So, so many have, in their celebration of being “cancer free” have left [those with metastatic breast cancer] behind. Consider a different path…I would love to hear from you!


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Read more about the Robach celebrity story, the mythology behind screening mammograms, and why there are strong concerns about the role of screening in breast cancer.

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