Dear patient: Your 5-minute appointment is awaiting you.

“Dear patient: Your 5-minute appointment is awaiting you.” By Susan Hecker, KevinMD Blog.

Dear patient: I am writing to inform you of some recent changes to my practice. These changes have been implemented to improve the quality of your care.

This satirical letter to a patient is a poignant illustration of some of a major challenge facing today’s physicians — the irony of improved “quality” in an age of 10-minute appointments and endless paperwork. Hecker writes,

“… I will likely rush through our time together and gloss over details. I will need to spend my time multitasking with the computer as I can only prove the quality of my care by checking boxes…”

While “efficiency” is a maxim for today’s health care, Hecker’s piece reminds us that increased productivity does is not necessarily the touchstone for quality.

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