Demystifying Breast Cancer - Share the Missing Stories

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Cinzia Greco, PhD Candidate

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Grazia De Michele, PhD

There is no shortage of stories about people whose lives have been touched by breast cancer or calls from media outlets and other venues to collect them. The inspiring image of the courageous, optimistic cancer fighter is commonly revered especially in mass media and advocacy.

But what about the other stories? The counter-stories? The stories that reflect on how differences in gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, age, social class, nation, or cancer type shape one’s experience of breast cancer?

Breast Cancer Consortium members Grazia de Michele and Cinzia Greco are editing a special issue of the BCC newsletter that highlights compelling stories typically missing from the broader breast cancer narrative. They are especially interested in stories that bust myths, resist stereotypes, and unveil how social dynamics impact the experience of breast cancer. Narratives of male breast cancer experiences are welcome and encouraged.

If you would like to share your story, please send a proposal (500 words) to: Deadline for proposals is November 30th.

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