Estée Lauder to Weave Pink Ribbons Through the Internet

“Estée Lauder to Weave Pink Ribbons Through the Internet.” By Stuart Elliott, The New York Times.

Editorial comment: Stuart Elliott’s article describes the perceived success of Internet fundraising as demonstrated by the recent social media blockbuster, the so-called Ice Bucket Challenge. However, it also reflects a corporation’s plucky desire to deflect well-founded critique and instead use social media to expand its markets year-round in the name of altruism.

Estée Lauder Companies’ breast cancer awareness initiative will now be year-round rather than during Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. It will also have more of a focus on digital and social media to reach more audiences/consumers on a greater number of channels. William Lauder, executive chair of the Lauder Companies and a son of Evelyn Lauder (who started the company’s pink ribbon campaigns and product lines in 1992) claimed that the recent popularity of the Ice Bucket Challenge for the A.L.S. Association is “fantastic,” adding that critics of this brand of fund-raising “have a very simple option: You don’t like it, don’t buy the products.”

There is much more to consider:

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