Fighting Income Inequality Should Be Top Nonprofit Priority

“Fighting Income Inequality Should Be Top Nonprofit Priority.” By Mark Rosenman, The Chronicle of Philanthropy.

In the long-overdue battle to stem America’s growing economic inequality, too many nonprofits are either missing from action or part of the problem. While charities and foundations do much to help those in poverty, some groups actually perpetuate it through their own practices. Not only do some nonprofits pay their lowest-ranking staff members so little that they often are eligible for federal antipoverty help, such as food stamps, but the gulf in pay between the CEOs of the nation’s wealthiest colleges and hospitals and the average worker’s pay at their organizations is unconscionably wide. That is bad enough, but what is truly damaging is the lack of attention most nonprofits have given to advocacy and other efforts to bring about policy changes that could help the poor and combat inequality.

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