Gender Power and Feminisms in Breast Cancer Advocacy

cover_1-211x300Lessons from the United States and Poland

by Gayle Sulik (USA) and Edyta Zierkiewicz (Poland)

The United States breast cancer movement helped to transform breast cancer’s social and medical landscape domestically and, in some ways, internationally. However, differences in gender identities, power relations, and the role of feminism(s) cross‐culturally also shaped breast cancer advocacy itself. After giving a brief introduction to the socio‐historical context of the U.S. and Polish breast cancer movements, this article illuminates some of the linkages and divergences between the United States and Poland to demonstrate the role of gender and power in social movements that concentrate exclusively on women’s (health) issues, namely breast cancer. This comparison of social phenomena from two countries illuminates the impact of cultural patterns on models of activism as they relate to feminism and traditional gender roles.

KEYWORDS: breast cancer, epistemology, feminism, gender, health social movements, cross‐national comparison

Read full article (PDF) in the Journal of Gender and Power, a scholarly, interdisciplinary and international journal, which features articles in all fields of gender studies, drawing on various paradigms and approaches.

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