Health News Review Interview with Dr. Otis Brawley on Overdiagnosis

“Podcast: Pathologic profiling – Dr. Otis Brawley on cancer overdiagnosis” by Gary Schwitzer, Health News Review.

It its 5th in a series of podcasts on overdiagnosis, Health News Review publisher Gary Schwitzer speaks with chief medical officer of the American Cancer Society, Dr. Otis Brawley.

The in-depth interview was a refreshing break from usual discussions about cancer prevention, screening, and treatment. Brawley spoke about outdated theories of cancer that continue to shape current protocols and practices; emotional conflicts of interest and an almost religious fervor to belief systems that fail to ask questions and follow the science; the tyranny of the expert; the misrepresentation of statistics and information; the need for more and better science writing, and for health care journalists to start thinking less about the most recent study and more about the public that hears all those stories.

For Brawley, the only way to improve the public dialogue is “to keep trying, to be reasonable, to be ethical, and to follow the science.”

Listen to the Podcast on Health News Review »

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