Twitter is a great way to share information in links in 140 characters or less. Think announcements, newsletters, new blog posts, articles to share, etc. Tweets have a short lifespan and is a great way to share timely information.


To sign up for twitter, just use your email address and create a safe password. You’ll have to create a twitter handle, the name following the @ sign. All twitter handles are unique, so your name might already be taken. The shorter the better.

BCC was taken, so our twitter handle is bc_consortium. Not the best, but okay.

Twitter Handles for BCC Members

  • Breast Cancer Consortium @bc_consortium
  • Gayle Sulik @pinkribbonblues
  • Amber Deane @AmberDeane1
  • Grazia De Michelle @GDM80
  • Astrid Eich Krohm – No Twitter Handle
  • Annette Madlock Gatison – No Twitter Handle
  • Lani Horn @lanisia
  • Michael Hutton Woodland – No Twitter Handle
  • Kathi Kolb @kathikolb
  • Cathie Malhouitre @Souti1
  • Angelo Merendino @AngeMerendino
  • Ana Porroche-Escudero – No Twitter Handle
  • Kristi Rickman – No Twitter Handle
  • Linda Rubin – No Twitter Handle
  • Jody Schoger @jodyms
  • Bonnie Spanier – No Twitter Handle
  • Jennifer Tirrell – No Twitter Handle
  • Julian Urquijo – No Twitter Handle
  • Edyta Zierkiewicz – No Twitter Handle

Twitter Tips

  1. Use it every day, or every other day if possible.
  2. Use 3-4 times per day to promote website or new posts.
  3. Respond to people who contact you.
  4. Try to use only 120 characters to leave room for others to add to the tweet.
  5. Shorten attached URLs to use fewer characters: Use or
  6. Use the # hashtag symbol (e.g., #BCSM or #ReThinkPink). This is how people can search for specific subjects.
  7. Best times to tweet (9AM to 3PM Est), supposedly.
  8. Use something like Hootesuite to schedule your posts throughout the day. (This costs $8.99/mo)
  9. Or, you can use Tweetdeck as a free twitter management tool.

How to Use Twitter at Conferences from Janet Corral