National Prize Recognizes Excellence in End-of-Life Care

“National Prize Recognizes Excellence in End-of-Life Care.” The Hastings Center.

There is a growing and strengthening palliative care movement focused on understanding patients at the end of life, with a sharper focus on the values and behavior of physicians in their care of the dying and a more general effort to gain medical recognition that end-of-life care is just as important as care during all other phases of life.

The aim of The Hastings Center Cunniff-Dixon Physician Awards is to foster those skills and virtues by providing financial prizes to those physicians, young and old, who have shown their care of patients to be exemplary, a model of good medicine for other physicians, and a great benefit in advancing the centrality of end-of-life care as a basic part of the doctor-patient relationship. There are five annual prizes totaling $95,000; one prize of $25,000 for a senior physician; one prize of $25,000 for a mid-career physician and three prizes of $15,000 for early-career physicians.

Congratulations to the 2014 Awardees:

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