An NFL Cheerleader and Breast Cancer Survivor Fights ‘Pink-Washing’

“An NFL Cheerleader and Breast Cancer Survivor Fights ‘Pink-Washing.'” Everyday Health.

In November of 1998, while cheerleading for the NFL at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Fla., I abruptly walked off the field and quit my gig in the middle of the game. It was October, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and also the middle of football season. The game was showing on nearly every network, and as is typical for each October’s fundraising efforts, the All-American game looked as if it were drowning in Pepto-Bismol. People in the stands were dressed in pink, the players wore pink mouth-guards, pink cleats, pink socks, pink wristbands. The cheerleaders held pink pom-poms. What a farce, I thought to myself. I knew the pink propaganda didn’t really aid the cause.

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