A poem by Gail Whitter, “Little Girl Lost

Gail Whitter is a mixed-media artist living in a small town in British Columbia, Canada. A poet in a former life, she spends most of her time listening to music and creating Spirit Dolls and jewelry. Little Girl Lost, from a collection of poems titled A Time for Ashes, is dedicated to her mother, and is available for free download on Scribd. Find out more about her art and poetry on her blog.


far above the dust & din

of ordinary traffic

& those places where

the others are

sipping their whiskey

& water


i am three, five & seven

here, in my safe place

[this room was yours]

rummaging broken drawers

& unlit wardrobes

for the warm you left behind


i am nine, eleven, thirteen

spinning in the full-length mirror that turns young women into things
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waiting for you to come home

sometimes fearful

sometimes furious


& now a starker age

of almost twenty-something

i am trying on your favourite

red stiletto heels


but already my feet too big


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