Queering Breast Cancer: ARRETA, The Documentary You Can Help To Finish

Filmmakers Raquel Marques and María Zafra are proud to announce a crowdfunding campaign for Arreta, a long overdue film on queer experiences of breast cancer.
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“Arreta” (meaning ‘attention’ in Basque) is a compelling documentary filmed in Barcelona and Gernika, Spain, that follows Ainhoa, co-founder of Cancer Butch who, after being treated for breast cancer, reconstructed her body with a tattoo, both to give meaning to her scars and to empower herself in a new trans-body.

“Our bodies are marked with life changing experiences,” Ainhoa says. “Some changes to our bodies we desire and have control over and others arrive suddenly, unexpectedly, sometimes brutally, making us realize that life is not always ours to control.”

Arreta captures the progress of Ainhoa’s tattooing along with doctor appointments, hospital visits, and talks at feminist gatherings where Ainhoa shared her “cancer butch” experience.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 11.13.50 AMThe film opens a unique space for considering the biopolitization of breasted bodies and the medical establishment’s imposition of heteronormativity and unwanted femininity. Arreta tells an essential story for understanding the multiple impacts of cancer and the varied ways of experiencing, and living with, the disease.

The documentary, which runs for approximately 60 minutes, will be in Spanish. The crowdfunding campaign includes a budget for English subtitles. With subtitles, the aim is to generate public debate in Spain, Latin America, and beyond.

Visit Arreta’s campaign page for more information.


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