Reconstruction after breast cancer: It's not a boob job

“Reconstruction after breast cancer: It’s not a boob job.” Today Health.

You’re thrown into a world of wounds and drains and aspirating syringes that look like something you’d use to impregnate livestock. Tissue dies, incisions refuse to heal and your body can be racked by infections that can last for weeks, even months. Recent studies calculate the post-op infection rate for breast implant reconstruction (the most popular), as high as 35 percent with about a 20 percent failure rate for the same procedure with radiation thrown in. “Lat flap” reconstruction had post-op complication rates at 33.5 percent for the breast site and 22.3 percent for the donor site. “Every patient who had reconstruction said it was the biggest challenge of everything – mastectomy, chemo and radiation,” said Dr. Joanne Weidhaas, a Yale Cancer Center radiation oncologist currently researching genetic mutations. Yet reconstruction is often cast as the “fun” part of breast cancer.

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