Facts and Figures

The National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBCC) is a nationwide advocacy organization founded in 1991 as a broad-based network of grassroots supporters and member organizations that included both breast cancer groups as well as groups focused on all cancers. Member organizations would maintain their own agendas for support, education, and advocacy. But as a coalition, they share the goals of shaping public policies, fostering empowered and evidence-based decision-making, and engaging administrative agencies, scientists, and health care professionals around a new breast cancer agenda.

With more than 600 member organizations and 60,000 individuals, NBCC is a leader in safeguarding that the diagnosed have the power to influence the medical practices and research agendas that affect them.

NBCC prepares updated facts and figures on breast cancer using reliable, evidence-based sources.

2015_BC_Facts_and_Figures NBCC (PDF)

2015_BC_Facts_and_Figures NBCC



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