Fracking: the combination of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) with horizontal drilling. The process begins with well construction, drilled into geologic formations that may contain large quantities of oil or gas, and then stimulates the release of these and other substances to the surface.

HF ImageIn this series, we explore some of the many reasons advocates are concerned about the impact of fracking on human health and the environment.

Are Concerns About Fracking Well-Founded? by Gayle Sulik

Air Pollution & Accidents by Margaret Roberts (CRAAB!)

Water Pollution, Radiation, & Drought by Margaret Roberts

Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals & Earthquakes by Margaret Roberts

New York Breast Cancer Network Rebukes a Perilous Pinkwashing Partnership Between Komen and Fracking by Margaret Roberts, Laura Weinberg and Andi Gladstone (NYSBCN)

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