Poetic Illness Narratives: Poetic expressions around or about being ill.

See also: Illness Narratives; Photography

“Good Housekeeping”

Somewhere a shelf of labeled containers
containing formalin and bits of flesh.
Somewhere a book waterlogs in a tub
while three-personed cells batter a body.
Aggressive. Invasive. Metastatic.
Somewhere a container labeled right breast

— A Poem by Steve Davenport Read More

From “Navigating the Old Road”


she said to me across the small

round table in the clattering coffee shop

on what had been a normal Tuesday morning.

— A Poem by Jan Spence Read More

“Illness and Vanity Reflected”

I stare in a bathroom mirror looking for
my thick, bushy eyebrows.
The ones I rarely ever pluck.
The shapeless ones.
The ones men have either been repulsed by or coveted.

— A Poem by Laura Ruberto Read More

“Little Girl Lost”

far above the dust & din

of ordinary traffic

& those places where

the others are

sipping their whiskey

& water

— A Poem by Gail Whitter Read More

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