Our Genes, Their Secrets

“Our Genes, Their Secrets.” By Eleonore Pauwels, The New York Times.

The Supreme Court’s unanimous ruling last Thursday, barring patents on human genes, was a wise and balanced decision that clears away a major barrier to innovation in the areas of biotechnology, drug development and medical diagnostics. But the decision is just a first step . . . → Read More: Our Genes, Their Secrets

Supreme Court says natural human genes can't be patented

“Supreme Court says natural human genes can’t be patented.” By Pete Williams and Erin McClam, NBC News.

The Supreme Court ruled unanimously Thursday that natural human genes cannot be patented by companies, but it said that synthetically produced genetic material can — a mixed ruling for the biotechnology industry. A naturally occurring piece of DNA . . . → Read More: Supreme Court says natural human genes can’t be patented

Why Jolie's cancer test costs so much

Published on CNN, May 24, 2013.

(CNN) — Angelina Jolie, when writing about her preventive double mastectomy, did not discuss how much her surgeries cost, but she did mention that many women would not be able to afford the $3,000 to $4,000 test that led her to make the decision. What she failed to say . . . → Read More: Why Jolie’s cancer test costs so much