The Anti-Nonprofit: Risk, Chance, Timing, Innovation and No Regrets

“The Anti-Nonprofit: Risk, Chance, Timing, Innovation and No Regrets.” By Matthew Zachary Huffington Post.

Wake up, people. It’s 2013. For those of you as fortunate (unfortunate?) as I am to have founded a charity, the time has come to ask yourself what the word “impact” means to you and if, in fact, your efforts are worth the time and passion you’re putting in. How many people have come to you personally looking to start their own nonprofit only to be scared straight by your candor as you shout, “Don’t start another charity!”?

Is charity really about making a difference for one person? Are people considering entering the space out of a personal vendetta against a disease that claimed a loved one? Or is it possible we should all be focused on the bigger picture?

Even the word “charity” is becoming increasingly irrelevant because, somehow, they are ‘exempt’ from having to be disciplined, honest, open and iterative about how they solve problems and how they build their product.

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