Thought Provoking Questions Raised in Breast Cancer Debate

Panel Discussion on March 5, 2013

The NGender Seminar Series at the University of Sussex (U.K.) teamed up with Breast Cancer Consortium members Dr. Ana Porroche-Escudero (University of Sussex) and Dr. Grazia de Michele to co-host a special session on Breast Cancer Awareness to celebrate International Women’s Day. The event involved the screening of the documentary Pink Ribbons, Incfollowed by questions and answers between the public and an expert panel. Confirmed speakers were Helen Lynn (Facilitator at Alliance for Cancer Prevention) and Breast Cancer Consortium members Dr. Grazia de Michele (breast cancer patient and advocate) and Cathie Malhouitre (art director, designer, blogger, founder of ”Au sein de sa différence” [Within our differences]). Professor Gillian Bendelow (University of Sussex) chaired the session.

 The NGender series wrote a follow-up about the event — Thought Provoking Questions Raised in Breast Cancer Debate — that introduced the panel and summarized the key themes discussed during the Question and Answer period that followed the screening of the film. These include:
  1. Misinformation surrounding breast cancer and current campaigns
  2. Environmental and occupational exposures to certain chemicals and substances as a contributing factor in breast cancer
  3. Absence of women’s voices
  4. The importance of gender and feminism as an analytical lens for the breast cancer movement
  5. Possibilities for activism and further organizing

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