What Worries You Most About Health Care?

rcaw-2016-badge-336x254The Lown Institute is a nonprofit, action-driven think tank founded by cardiologist and Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Bernard Lown, MD. Dedicated to transforming the culture of medicine and building a healthcare system that is affordable, effective, personal and just, the Institute created the RightCare Alliance to bring health professionals, religious and community groups, and the public together to work toward this mission.

During RightCare Action Week  — October 16-22, 2016 — Breast Cancer Consortium supports the Alliance’s “What Worries You” event, an initiative to re-energize the customary and expected conversation between clinicians and patients.

This project was started last year at Barnes Jewish Hospital Emergency Department, where nurses and physicians passed out cards to patients waiting in the emergency room. The answers they got were moving and surprising. This year, patients and community members can also participate by passing out cards to colleagues and others.

Download the “What Worries You” Guide HERE »

“I’m so impressed with the Lown Institute for its commitment to evidence-based medicine and grassroots activism to repair the U.S. healthcare system that I am organizing some outreach to doctors and the lay public where I live for RightCare Action Week.

I already shared key information (which you can find in the Guide or on the website), with my contact info, to the doctors I know. During RCA Week, I’ll work with  friends to set up outreach sites with the “What worries you most about healthcare?” postcards, using them kind of like a Listening Booth to engage, listen, and gather written responses. I’ll send them to Lown after marking main points and themes with a yellow highlighter.

I’ve started early with my book club and writing group, too. In addition to generating discussion in small groups, I’m encouraging them to add “What worries you most about healthcare?” to the monthly topics we use for speaking events.”

— BCC partner, Bonnie Spanier

Download the “What Worries You” Cards to print and share HERE »


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