7 things no one tells you about breast cancer

“7 things no one tells you about breast cancer.” By Shaun Dreisbach, Glamour

Each October the ribbons return, the fund-raisers reboot, and newspaper headlines everywhere become overwhelmingly breast-centric. So you couldn’t be blamed for thinking you know everything there is to know about breast cancer, end of story, turn the page. Except you don’t—and neither do most Americans, say some of the issue’s most passionate crusaders. “We’ve been marching and preaching early detection for decades, but the numbers haven’t really changed,” says Susan Love, M.D., a former breast surgeon and president of the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation. “One in eight women is still diagnosed; 108 die every day. To change those stats, we have to move our awareness forward.” Can we wage a better, smarter war on breast cancer? Absolutely. But first we have to face these startling truths.

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