Announcement: Featuring Artists Isabel Franc and Judith Vizcarra

Alicia-comicIsabel Franc is a professional comic creator and author of Alicia en un mundo real [Alice in the real world] – as opposed to Alice in wonderland]. The comic is a critical reflection of the author’s experience of breast cancer.

On October, 24th, there will be an experiential workshop with Isabel Franc for women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer or are living post-cancer and want to reflect about their experiences of the disease and share them.

Place: Basauri’s Women’s Association, Greater Bilbao

Sponsored by: Women’s Institute of the Basque Country (Emakunde-Emakumearen Euskal Erakundea)

From October 19th – November 27th, there will be a photographic exhibition of the works of Judith Vizcarra “L’orgull de l’absencia” (the pride of absence) and Isabel Franc.

portada_folleto_emakunde Hosted by: Marienea, Basauri’s Women’s House is a center located in Greater Bilbao (Basque Country). It is home to council services for advancing equity across the city, including the Office of the Council Plan on Equity; School for Women’s Empowerment; Sexual Counseling; Project for Sexual Education in Schools; Gender Violence Services; and Employment Information Services. Marienea is a meeting space for women’s associations and feminists in the Basque Country. The center organizes a myriad of activities from service provision to cultural activities, exhibitions, and political rallies/meetings.


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