Call for Submissions - Engaging Ethically in the Age of “Sustainable Consumerism”

DEADLINE for expressions of interest: February 15, 2016

Women and Environments International Magazine (WEI) is seeking submissions for its upcoming issue on Engaging Ethically in the Age of Consumerism for publication in late 2016. The objective of this issue is to critically examine the influence of gender in building social movements that engage (or critique) new and emerging modes of ethical or sustainable consumption, particularly as they are aimed at social change. Contributors are invited to explore gender perspectives in relation to – but not limited to – the following topics:

  • Gender dimensions of “precautionary consumption”;
  • Ways of applying consumer pressure to governments and industry in the area of toxics regulation;
  • The role of ‘fair trade’ in shifting production trends globally, or in specific case studies;
  • “Pink-washing” and the breast cancer prevention movement;
  • “Ethical consumerism”: its promise and its limitations;
  • New economies, sustainable lifestyles and enterprises;
  • De-growth movements, and model communities moving away from mass consumerism.

Submissions may be in the form of critical studies, essays, personal narratives, case studies, book or film reviews, poetry, photography, and or visual art. While we appreciate every submission to WEI, only contributors whose work has been selected will be contacted.

Submissions: Send submission(s) electronically to using “Ethical Consumption” as your subject heading. Please refer to the Editorial guidelines attached (or see our website) for word limits, formatting and style.

DEADLINE for expressions of interest: February 15, 2016

General Information: WEI is a magazine that examines women’s relations to their natural, built, and social environments from feminist and anti-racist perspectives. It has provided a forum for academic research and theory, professional practice and community experience since 1976. Like most scholarly publications, WEI does not pay for contributions but retains a high-quality wide readership so your contribution will reach a wide audience. Upon publication, WEI assumes a non-exclusive, worldwide, and perpetual right to publish and reproduce contributions in any format in and outside the magazine context. This does not preclude contributors from granting permission to publish their materials after publication in WEI provided WEI is acknowledged as the original publisher.

Women & Environments International Magazine – Faculty of Environmental Studies -York University

4700 Keele Street, Toronto ON Canada M3J 1P3

Email: Website:


Feature articles should not exceed 2500 words. Shorter pieces, book and film reviews, poetry and artistic expressions are welcome. If you would like to submit an article written in a language other than English, let us know and WEI will do its best to facilitate translation. All written work must be original and not previously published.

Each issue usually contains:

  • feature articles (1500 – 2500 words)
  • shorter research articles (800-1500 words)
  • book/film reviews (300 – 600 words) (see below for further information)
  • an “in the field” section that profiles innovative projects and organizations (750-1000 words)


Articles published in WEI Magazine should be written from a feminist perspective, using gender as a category of analysis

Authors should also consider class, race and cross-cultural dimensions, age, ability, and sexual orientation, among other aspects of socio-cultural diversity. In their submissions, authors should also address explicitly the relationship of women to their environments (broadly defined)

Submissions for all sections will be considered

WEI Magazine only publishes original material, with very rare exceptions

When WEI Magazine agrees to reprint or carry a summary of previously published material, this must be clearly stated and permission obtained to ensure the intellectual integrity of the submitted material

Authors need to inform WEI Magazine if they are submitting their manuscripts for publication elsewhere

If WEI Magazine is unable to publish submitted material, the author/artist will be contacted

All authors must meet the timelines established by the issue committee to be published

Except when specified, WEI is unable to publish abstracts or unfinished papers. To be considered for publication, articles must be finished and edited in accordance with the editorial guidelines of the magazine

Authors will be requested to confirm their authorship


All articles submitted to WEI Magazine must be written in a journalistic style, in a clear, easy to understand format that will capture the interest of a diverse audience

  • Theoretical references and concepts should be explained in plain language
  • Important sources and quotes must be acknowledged within the text instead of Foot or End Notes, or included as “Further Resources.” These need to be limited to 4 to 6 relevant texts, websites or other.
  • Texts should be listed by Author, Title, Publisher, Place and Year of Publication
  • The use of subheadings is recommended for feature articles


Book reviews are assigned or accepted based on the individual issue themes

WEI Magazine also includes 2 – 3 paragraph summary listings of new publications

The review, as accepted, remains the property of the author and can be reprinted in other publications

With the author’s permission, WEI Magazine may reprint reviews

Book Reviews should be lively, highly readable, and evaluate a book from a feminist perspective relevant to the theme of a particular issue

While thoughtful criticism is encouraged, the review should be constructive in its style

The review must include:

  • name of author(s)/editor(s) and publisher
  • publishing date and place
  • cost of book in Canadian currency
  • at least a 300 DPI electronic version of the cover image
  • name and a two sentence biography of the reviewer


WEI Magazine prefers electronic submissions of manuscripts via email, but will accept hard copies by mail as well

Submissions must include word count at the bottom of the last page of the manuscript

Each manuscript should include a 50 word (maximum) biography of the author, including background, occupation etc., and further reading suggestions if appropriate

Authors should indicate whether artwork (photographs, illustrations, diagrams) is available to accompany their submission if published. WEI encourages submissions with visual aids

Author’s name, postal address, e-mail address and telephone number must appear on the manuscript

Please indicate whether the author’s contact information may be included at the bottom of the article so that readers may follow up ideas or projects


Feminist poetry submissions are welcome and should relate to the issue theme

WEI Magazine features a woman artist in each issue and gladly considers freelance submissions of photographs and illustrations

Visual art should reflect, but is not limited to, the theme of an issue

  • Must ensure the artist’s or the photographer’s name (if different from author) is on all submissions for photo credits
  • Electronic photo submissions must have at least 300 DPI resolution
  • Provide captions for all photographs and images
  • A self-addressed envelope must accompany all items that the author/artist would like returned


Authors/artists will be notified when a submission is provisionally accepted for publication (please note that because this is a volunteer run publication, time lapses between initial receipt of material and review for potential publication can be up to 8 weeks)

If a submission is provisionally accepted for publication, authors may be asked to make revisions as per the recommendations of the editors and/or reviewers

Recommendations will be communicated to the author in as clear a manner as possible

Authors should revise their work and resubmit it to the issue committee by the deadline specified

Failure to resubmit by the date requested may result in the rejection of the submission

Upon a second review of the submission, the editors will contact the author with further details and requirements for publication (date, additional changes, etc.)


Authors of full-length articles (features, research, and “in the field” articles) will receive three complementary copies of the issue in which their article is published

Authors of book reviews and poetry will receive one complimentary copy of the issue in which their submission is published

Featured and/or Cover Artist will receive a $100 CAD honorarium and 3 copies of the issue in which their art is published

Authors and artists are invited to attend the launch celebration for their issue; they will be notified in advance


WEI Magazine assumes a non-exclusive, worldwide, and perpetual right to publish and reproduce articles and art in any format in and outside the magazine context. This does not preclude the author/artist from granting permission to publish her/his material after publication in WEI Magazine. In return, WEI Magazine requests to be acknowledged as the original publisher. WEI Magazine reserves the right to post all or part of anything published in WEI magazine on its website.

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