Cathie Malhouitre’s Au Sein De Sa Difference offers two great events in France, October 2013.


1. Au Sein De Sa Difference will show the acclaimed film, “Pink Ribbons, Inc.”

“Pink Ribbons, Inc.” is a powerful and poignant documentary created by director Lea Pool, based on the book by Samantha King. Marketing experts consider breast cancer a “dream cause,” and this film explains how this success of the pink ribbon hides the true reality of breast cancer. Breast cancer has become the darling child of social marketing—thousands of people march, walk, run, consume, and purchase in support of the cause. The cause raises millions of dollars. But in reality where is the money going and who is it helping? Film and discussion provide an evening to explore answers to some of these tough questions.

October 1, 2013 at Cinema C2L of Poissy, 8:30PM.

asdsd_colloque_5oct2013_flyer_qr CROP2. Au Sein De Sa Difference offers its second Colloquium, “VIVRE AVEC. Vers une image differente du cancer.”  (“TO LIVE WITH.  Towards a different image of cancer.”)  

The afternoon includes many exciting speakers—doctors, artists, patient/clients, and creators—all dealing with questions of the place of cancer in our society, its images, how it is shared, and the new way it is becoming necessary to create “AVEC,” new ways to live with our cancers. As this disease and its accompanying traits impact our bodies, it is imperative to remember that the integrity of each person can remain unshakably intact.

October 5 at the theater Blanche de Castille, situated in partner city Poissy, 2-5PM

Breast Cancer Consortium member Cathie Malhouitre of Paris, France is a designer and artist who is committed to “the real” when it comes to breast cancer – realistic discourse, realistic expression, realistic portrayal, and realistic engagement. Cathie’s attention to realism is the culmination of her deep desire to find acceptance, peace, and fulfillment after having two breast cancer diagnoses and subsequent treatment. She started writing a blog, Rosarosir, where she could work through what she was facing, talk about cancer frankly, and avoid what she calls “pink-false-happiness.” She designed   Souti1© –pronounced “soutien-gorge”– the first assymetrical bra for single-breasted women in France. When approached by French filmmaker Philippe Joubert to take part in the film short, A Simple Message, Cathie agreed. The film focuses on the difficulties that cut across varied life experiences (i.e., including breast cancer), the decision and effort needed to transcend challenging and sometimes tragic circumstances, and how a single step can make a monumental difference. Cathie’s character in the film exposes a reality of breast cancer that is uncompromising and without embellishment. After her second breast cancer diagnosis in 2011 she founded “Au sein de sa différence” which celebrates difference and takes a pedagogical approach to patient empowerment, activism, and awareness. Unwilling to accept the status quo of cancerland, Cathie argues that until there is a real cure winning the war on cancer is really about learning to live well with the disease.

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