“Consumers Question Intent and Impact of Breast Cancer Cause Marketing” Press Release, Cone Communications

The 2012 Cone Communications Breast Cancer Trend Tracker presents the findings of an online Toluna QuickSurvey conducted October 4, 2012 among a sample of 1,000 American adults 18 years of age and older belonging to the Toluna.com community. Though the sample is small and its composition unknown, it is telling that only half (52%) of consumers surveyed believed their individual breast cancer-related purchases made a difference. Although three-quarters (74%) of those surveyed said they were more likely to purchase a breast cancer-related product or service during October over others, with price and quality being equal, they were clearly becoming desensitized and increasingly skeptical.

  • 77 percent thought some companies support the breast cancer cause solely for corporate gain
  • 68 percent said very few breast cancer cause promotions stand out to them, given the large number of programs in the marketplace
  • 30 percent said they do not know whether their purchases actually benefit the cause

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