Forget Pink–Remember Rose

“Forget Pink-Remember Rose.” By Peggy Orenstein, Blog.

There were a couple of things that got cut from my New York Times Magazine piece on breast cancer that I wish I could’ve squeezed in. One is kind of wonky, which is why it was dropped, but super important. It’s about data collection, based on a discussion I had with Dr. Peter G. Bach at Sloan-Kettering: “It surprised me to learn how little cancer data the U.S. collects, though it is vital to improving treatment. We know how many cases of cancer there are and the stage of diagnosis, but unlike Scandinavian countries, we don’t keep track of which therapies are used or what happens to patients over the long-term.” I could write a whole piece on publicly accessible, non-proprietary data collection and why we need to do it. But I just wanted to at least put it out there. Breast Cancer Action talks a lot about this one, and they are right. BCA is also leading the charge against the pernicious practice of gene patenting, which was just argued in the Supreme Court. Gayle Sulik discusses this one beautifully in a recent blog post on Psychology Today’s site. The other thing that got cut was a bit of history on the divergence in the strands of the breast cancer movement. Again, I only had so much space and a lot to cover, but I think useful in thinking about one’s choices when considering supporting various groups.

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