“Gagging on Ribbons.” By Dori Hartley, Huffington Post

The color pink has pissed me off since 2001, when I was diagnosed with second stage breast cancer. So, in Pinktober, cancer is about sweet sound bites like, “Pink Ribbon Awareness,” “Feel Your Boobies” and “Walk for the Cure.” It’s not about the fact that we puked 60 times in just one single day and how the vomit was the same red Jello color as the adriamycin-cytoxin that was administered directly into a port that turned the veins between our fingers blackish purple. Egads, no. Who would ever want to know about that stuff, I mean… that would cause the public discomfort and who wants that, right? After all, nobody would ever want to give money to something that icky. And it’s all about giving money, because Big Pharma needs more.

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