Harassment in Science, Replicated

“Harassment in Science, Replicated.” By Christie Aschwanden, The New York Times.

Women researchers report that sexual harassment and assault are common at field sites and in universities.

Almost two-thirds of the respondents in one study said they had been sexually harassed in the field, with more than 20 percent reporting that they had been sexually assaulted. More than half of the female respondents in another study said they weren’t taken seriously because of their gender, one in three had experienced delayed career advancement, and nearly half said they had not received credit for their ideas. Almost half said they had encountered flirtatious or sexual remarks, and one in five had experienced uninvited physical contact. Four decades after Title IX outlawed sex-based discrimination in public education and 23 years after Anita Hill pushed sexual harassment into the limelight, bias and harassment continue to hinder women’s progress.

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