“Imbalanced NPR political story on new draft mammography guidelines,” Health News Review.

Health News Review (HNR) evaluates health news using systematic criteria to assess the extent to which a news story uses adequately addresses evidence.

HNR publisher Gary Schwitzer took issue with a “scientifically incomplete” piece on NPR’s Morning Edition headlined, “Congress May Be Forced To Intervene Again On Mammogram Recommendations.” According to Schwitzer,

The…NPR piece gives a little background about the USPSTF recommendations – 6 years ago – and now. The lead-in… felt like an imbalanced introduction from the outset….The 4 minute piece had no interview with anyone with the Task Force…[The coverage by a congressional reporter, not a health reporter was] a superficial thumbnail sketch of a scientific controversy.

The ongoing debate about mammogram screening is highly political, so much so that balanced public discussion of the scientific evidence is hard to come by. HNR also prepared a roundup of news coverage on the new US Preventive Services Task Force draft recommendations.

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