There isn’t a ‘right’ way to die. Journalists should recognise that

“There isn’t a ‘right’ way to die. Journalists should recognise that?” By Marie Ennis-O’Connor,

IRELAND – Bill Keller chose to write about Adams using the very words that Lisa has spoken openly about rejecting, such as ‘fighting’, ‘hero’, ‘battle’. If not unethical journalism, it nonetheless speaks to a failure in tone and sensitivity to continue to use these military cliches which have been rejected by the majority of us with cancer. In Mr Keller’s case, it points to a failure to understand the point of view of the person he is writing about (he also makes mention of Adams having two not three children – a simple fact easily verified on her blog). Somewhere nestled among the inaccurate reporting, the snide commentary, and crass insensitivity of the Kellers there exists the potential for an open and honest debate about society’s attitudes to how we live and die today. Could it be that Keller’s discomfort with her self-described “obsession” with Lisa’s tweets is a reflection of society’s discomfort with death and dying? People like Lisa – and people like me – cause discomfort to some because we dare to bring our experience into the full light of day… because we are living, living in acute awareness of our impending death, living in pain but living as fully as we can while we are dying.

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