Mammograms: overrated – and over-diagnosing women

“Mammograms: overrated – and over-diagnosing women.” By Karuna Jaggar, The Guardian.

How will we ever hope to make desperately needed progress in the breast cancer crisis when the mainstream breast cancer movement continues to push an outdated and scientifically debunked agenda? The evidence has been mounting that the time has come to radically re-think the tenets of the breast cancer awareness movement, because it is clear that the fundamental philosophy behind “early detection” is flawed.

As the executive director of a national breast cancer organization, I would hope that our country’s leading cancer organizations would be the first to follow the science and put people’s health before vested industry interests. But even powerful evidence cannot overcome the vested interests of many of the largest cancer organizations in the country – nonprofits like the American Cancer Society (ACS) and the Susan G Komen Foundation – which continue to push screening mammograms without caution.

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